Motion Design

Motion Design is animation with purpose. Everything we create is in service of telling the story that viewers will remember. From illustration, to typography, to stop motion animation, our expert team pairs and develops the right technique for the job, with strategic efficiency. The result is truly excellent, cost-effective work that stands out from the crowd.


cgi / VFX

When you have the tools to create anything, new worlds open, and stories go deeper.. 3D, CG, VFX… by any name, it’s more than an in-house “capability.” At DK Studios, it’s a point of view. When you combine world-class artistry with cutting-edge technology, you have the power to tell wildly imaginative stories that surprise and inspire.


A lot of people ask us the same question when they see our work: “Who directed that?” The answer, with few exceptions, is “We did.” From Emmy winning main titles like Six Feet Under and Dexter, to Cannes Grand Prix winning content for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, our in-house directors create films that are second-to-none.



Great storytelling is impossible without masterful editing. Whether we’re cutting a :15 second spot or a long-format film, every frame is equally considered. But don’t mistake attention to detail for timidness. Our editors’ fearless, boundary-pushing creativity is at the center of DK Studios’ legacy, and is a recognizable signature of our work.